This version is the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum and the third game in the series. The developers have improved the map and the game interface compared to the previous parts of the series. The game has taken a big step forward since Batman: Arkham Origins: all sorts of bugs and control issues have been fixed, and there are no gameplay issues left. The game has a fairly large world with a lot of buildings, whose variety and unique look do not let the players get bored. The disadvantages of the series include the unfinished implementation of items that players need to solve the game’s puzzles.

In the new version, players can see that Batman lives and collects all his equipment that may be useful to him in the future, in the same place as in the previous parts. This version offers users to solve 400 simple riddles to fight a potential boss. Collecting all the necessary elements takes about three hours. And they are all very exciting.

It is better not to focus only on collecting, as this game has significant differences from the previous parts. It has one unique feature: it invites you to play as Catwoman, which was not available in previous versions. But we must admit that this role does not affect the gameplay in any way, and users can get this opportunity only once in the entire game. To be more precise, when you finish the game, it will prompt you to choose one of two options. You can either take the money and leave, after which the credits will roll, or choose the role of Catwoman who has incredible powers. Be sure to try the second option to experience the unforgettable atmosphere of the game.

Batman: Arkham City

The game also has 40 additional puzzles. They are optional, but help players better understand the meaning of the game. The main part is supposed to be played as Batman, but there is also a chance to play as Catwoman. The game features a few additional locations, but they serve to give players a more complete experience and help them better understand Batman Arkham City.

Brief Conclusion

The game is pretty well made and is recommended for purchase, given its very affordable price. It has one extremely controversial drawback, which is a new special achievement. If you want to get it, the game will offer you to additionally complete 45 tasks and more than a hundred meetings. You will be able to get one hundred percent completion only after you finish them. This is a great game that will appeal to all fans of computer games, especially those who have completed the previous parts of Batman.

Another drawback of the game is the puzzle that cannot be solved. The reason for this issue is that the game was simply underdeveloped. But it is not that big of a problem. Hopefully, the developers will fix it soon. The game takes approximately one day to complete. This is enough for a complete experience. The game turned out great, especially compared to the previous parts. It seems more mature, so to speak. Make sure to buy the game to see for yourself. After all, everything is relative. However, although the game is interesting, do not forget to take breaks. Have a nice day, everyone.