Online dating services have become very popular due to the spread of the Internet and the continued spread of IT technologies. What we’re saying is that their popularity rate is still quite high even today, and that’s not surprising. Modern people have almost stopped making acquaintances in the real world, and now, they prefer virtuous ones.

We should note that people have tried to communicate remotely through ad columns in newspapers before, but now the marriage statistics in the United States today indicate that about one-third of couples have admitted that they met online. So we can be sure that even special bars and clubs can not compete with the Internet, which used to be very actively used for this.

History of partners searchings

Years ago, the choice of a partner depended heavily on a person’s place of residence, his (or her) social class, and parental influence. The role of these factors began to wane in the 19th and 20th centuries. In any case, this situation was widespread in the West. Also, we must not forget that cities began to expand dramatically in those decades.

Now, a new difficulty has arisen, such as the question of how we can understand who is interested in us? This question has a specific answer, such as the first online dating site that has become rapidly gaining popularity. This is exactly the kind of method by which IT-technology came to help in the creation of pairs.

In 2010, the first mobile apps began to appear, which offered familiar basic functionality to us. Among those features, there was the ability to instantly meet and keep in touch with many people around the world. We have no doubt that they still cannot match the features that modern software offers, such as LateMeet. However, there is still some potential.

Compared to online dating sites for computers and smartphones, mobile applications have some features. Among them, there are:

  1. Users communicate not only from home, but also from public transport and other crowded places where, theoretically, every passer-by can look into their display.
  2. The fact is that the smartphone acts as an item that always remains at hand, and it helps us to use the camera.
  3. High intensity action. Also, we can meet someone even on the go, and then, we find out that this person is very close to us.

How residents of different countries relate to acquaintances

Different countries and nations treat online dating differently. So, US residents are convinced that this is a very fashionable and convenient method for finding a partner, but German residents do not think so. Interestingly, even in countries where parents still decide for their children with whom to form a family, online dating sites have become popular too.

For example, in China, there is an unique analogue of Tinder called Tantan. We may even notice that the head of this company claims that the principles of casual dating in the real world are almost forgotten. Okay, trying to meet someone on the street in China is kind of rude. But you can visit the special free apk download site and see that the number of downloads of dating apps becomes more and more every day.

The development of IT technologies and the advent of online dating services has become a real savior for those people who in real life are extremely difficult to find partners due to physical or social isolation. We no longer have any doubt that the Internet can bring together people with shared and sometimes very specific views of sexuality. For example, there are some dating websites that offer:

  • find more than one partner for one user;
  • women can find a man who can help them raise a child without becoming their sexual partner.

In addition, there are some websites that unite people by their hobby or way of life. So, there are platforms for Christians and Jews, Buddhists and Muslims, vegetarians and fans of a particular musical style. So, music people can download such a useful thing as ElGenero app.